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Demonstrator - Direct Functionalization of Microfluidic Channels on a Polymer Substrate

  • Public Deliverables

We show the progress in replication technologies regarding direct functionalized microfluidic channels on polymer substrates. Starting with a product analysis as base line for the replication technology and the FaBiMed targets, it concentrates on advancements in injection / injection compression moulding and hot embossing to produce nanostructured surfaces.

Hollow Ceramic Microneedles - Demonstrator

  • Public Deliverables

The production of miniaturized ceramic components at micro- and nano-scales is beyond the capability of current micromachining tools. The successful fabrication of ceramic microcomponents with complex geometry, providing dimensional accuracy to high aspect-ratio features, requires the use of a suitable micro-shaping technique and specific and carefully controlled physical-chemical process parameters. The present report comprises the results obtained in the first period of FaBiMed project, related to the fabrication of ceramic Micro Needles by casting ceramic suspensions in reusable EGC (Epoxy Gel Casting) soft micromoulds. The benefits associated to the mould reusability in the EGC process were explored for the demonstration of the main challenges related to the geometrical features of the MNs.

Lab Scale Inspection Systems

  • Public Deliverables

Four different OCT systems and two LUS systems were tested and compared looking for the most adequate method for optical characterization of micro and nanostructured replicated microdevices. The report show the setups at lab scale and the first promising results, attaining extraordinary spatial and axial resolutions, particularly in the advanced OCT system used for polymer device characterization.