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Project Public Workshop - Fabrication of Functional Medical Microdevices

Technologies to produce micron-resolution, nanostructured components in fuctional materials, at production cost which is compatible with disposable components.

The Future of Medicine will be universal, remote and personal. This requires the development and manufacturing of pervasive diagnostic and treatment devices with low cost, customized, miniature, disposable components. Their manufacture is one of the current barriers for many future medicine devices, from microfluidic PoCD, to minimal invasive surgical tools.

FaBiMed will develop new manufacturing routes for medical microdevices, based on microreplication. The main objective is to produce micron-resolution, nanostructured components in biocompatible and fuctional materials, at production cost which is compatible with disposable components.

The developments will be demonstrated on real disposable components for medical devices: microfluidic analysis films, transdermal microneedles and intravenous ultrasound microprobe

Workshop agenda:

1. Fabimed general presentation 
Speaker: Pablo Romero (AIMEN)
TITLE: FABIMED – Exploring novel manufacturing routes for efficient fabrication of micro/nanostructured medical devices.

2. Invited: Precision Micromanufacturing Cluster

Speaker: Christian Wögerer, MSc (PROFACTOR GmbH)
TITLE: Technology and Machine concepts for high precision 3D printing.

3. Invited: Precision Micromanufacturing Cluster
Speaker: Jun Qian (K.U. Leuven)
TITLE: Additive Manufacturing for Micro Injection Moulding

4. Tooling Technologies for polymer disposable microdevices

Speaker: Jan Edelmann (FhIWU)
TITLE: “New microfluidic functionalities by nano- and micro-patterned moulds”

Speaker: Victor Usov (ADAMA)
TITLE: "Micro and nano structuring of carbon based materials for micro injection moulding and hot embossing"

Speaker: Daniel Vlasveld (Promolding)
TITLE: Use of conventional Injection Moulding in medical device microfabrication: challenges and solutions.

5. Technologies for high precission microreplication of ceramic materials
Speaker: Nerea Otero (AIMEN)
TITLE: Use of ultrafast lasers for direct writing of 3D structures in elastomers, as a way for digital manufacturing of flexible moulds.

Speaker: Daniel Sanmartin (AFM)
TITLE: “New generation of ultrasound transducers manufactured by epoxy gel-casting”

Speaker: Susana Olheiro (University of Aveiro)
TITLE: “Microrreplication of ceramic microneedles by gel casting”

6. Inspection and quality control for microreplication
Speaker: Thomas Siegel (ASE Optics)
TITLE: “Optimised optical techniques for inspection of micro-replicates”

7. Evaluation of ecoefficiency in microrreplicated medical device production 
Speaker: Marta Oliveira (Inegi)
TITLE: “Analysing the Influence of Micromould Engineering in the Overall Efficiency of Replication Processes”

More information at the event website: